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What About?

- Who are we? - We are 17 Spanish scientists, most of us PhDs actively working in labs and universities in Spain and abroad, who are passionate about science communication.The group is composed of several physicists, mathematicians, biologists... even engineers!
- What do we do? - Our strength is using live comedic performances as a vehicle to bring science to the general public. Our 90 min stand-up show is composed of several 10 minute monologues performed by scientists speaking about our respective fields of research; math, physics, biology... The Q&A session that follows the performance offers the public the opportunity to engage with the scientists whose responses use improvisational humor to educate and inform.
- Anything else? - Yes! Our 3 days workshop in science communication where we teach oral and writing techniques to communicate your science. Our research projects in education using performing arts with a H2020 project (PERFORM) and our nationwide program in association with Fundación Telefónica, LocosXciencia. Our show for kids: Clowtifics, experiments and lots of fun with our science clowns.The list doesn't end there: videos on Youtube, video sketchs, radio programs, our social networks, conferences, big events...
- Does it work? - YES Absolutely! We have performed for a little over 2 years in more than 300 performances a year, reaching more than 60,000 people each year. And...
(-) We have a book, currently in its third edition: Si tú me dices GEN lo dejo todo
(-) Invited to several international conferences: PCST 2014 (Brazil), WSF 2013 (Brazil), RedPop 2015 (Colombia), Science and You (France)...
(-) A Prisma prize for Big Van, a nacional prize in science communication, in the science & arts category
(-) A publication in Science
(-) One of the best 100 initiatives in the world in education of science for Fundación Telefónica
(-) Mentioned by director , Nick Ishmael
(-) An article in Scientific American (Spanish Version)
- How to contact us? - Email us at All our activities are also available in ENGLISH

Tour 2015

Poliorama, Happy Vein, 21.00
"Física y química", at Cosmo Caixa
Los Barrios (Cádiz)
Edificio el Pósito, 19.30
Alcázar Theatre, 23.00

But also...

The van never stops

In Italy at la Isola di Einstein, in Medellín book faire (Colombia) , in Guadalajara (México), etc...

English material

Eduardo's TED talk Big Van invited by Famelab international Eduardo in Famelab final 2013 Ricardo in Famelab final 2014

Join us on the van

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Science on Youtube...

Eduardo: maths at Derivando
Javier: physics at Date un Voltio
Ricardo: biology at En El Aire

...And also on radio

Santi: at Llámalo X (Kítaro FM)

SiTúMeDices GEN

Our book, now in its third Edition is now on sale at FNAC, El Corte Inglés,... Ah! Also available in Amazon

Science to Laugh Out Loud

With I LOL ciencia in collaboration with El Mundo newspaper